Dedicated to Providing the Best Health Care in Wilton.

Our Doctors

There are currently two experienced doctors at our medical centre and two registrars: 


  • Dr S. Maqsood H. Bokhari

  • Dr Naila Shahid

  • Dr Bita Paktinat

  • Dr Luis Reyes (Registrar)


We provide following services to our patients:


  • Bulk Billing

  • Skin Cancer Clinic

  • Minor Surgery

  • Immunisation

  • Child Health

  • Women's Health

  • ... and more

Good health is the key to a happy living. Our medical practitioners at Wilton Medical Centre take a holistic and professional approach to understand our patients' needs and help them maintain good health. Our mission is not just to treat but to explain the underlying source of the problem.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We always strive to improve our services. Therefore, please feel free to contact us and share your valuable input or if you have any further queries. Alternatively, you may contact the Health Complaints Commission on

1300 363 992.